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Thrifty Thursday #3: 7 reusable products to help you save money

Posted on September 5, 2013 in Thrifty Thursday | No comments
Reusable products - featured

Long before my daughter was born I had decided I wanted to use cloth diapers instead of disposables. Of course it doesn’t hurt that cloth diapers are better for the environment and come in all kinds of cute prints but the main reason was money. By my estimates we’ll be saving £45 a month from now until E stops using diapers, if we don’t buy anymore diapers at all. Since I’ve already written a post about cloth diapers where I explain my reasons and talk about how cloth diapering is working for us I decided to make a post rounding up ways to save money by using reusable products, including cloth diapers. Cloth diapers If you have a baby you will already know that diapers are the biggest expense. Cloth diapers are more work that […]

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(Not so) Wordless Wednesday

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Wordless Wednesday 1 - featured

Ever since I can remember my dad has been into photography. The other day he even told me that he once learned how to develop photos in liquid like you sometimes see in the movies. Early this year he bought himself a new camera because his old one put a strange line in some of the pictures. A few days ago he lent me the camera along with two extra lenses. My husband says I’ve barely put the camera down since. So I decided to share some of the pictures with you for this week’s Wordless Wednesday. So far I’ve pretty much managed to take pictures without getting that strange blue line. When I was taking pictures out my mom’s window using the really big lens my brothers said I looked like I was spying […]

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Tutorial Tuesday #2: Clothes label tutorial

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Clothes label tutorial - featured

Remember a few months ago I made downloadable washing instructions icons? In that post I promised to write a tutorial on how to use them to make a label that could be sewn onto homemade clothes. I wrote the tutorial but I never got around to posting it until now. I hope it’s useful, if anything is unclear just ask. So, as promised, here is my tutorial for simple clothes labels or washing instruction labels. These are very useful for homemade clothes that are given as gifts, especially knitted or crocheted projects made from sensitive materials like wool. You can also use them to put your name and website on items that you sell so your customers know where to find information about you. This tutorial assumes a working knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, but if […]

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Meal Plan Monday #4

Posted on September 2, 2013 in Meal plan Monday | 2 comments
Meal plan Monday #4

So, here we are at the beginning of another week and I have a new meal plan. Last week we went to visit my parents-in-law so we didn’t really make much of a meal plan. We had great fun celebrating my father-in-law’s 60th birthday and got a chance to dress E up in a very pretty dress she got from her great aunt. She looked oh so pretty! But now we’re home and I’ve made a new meal plan (and failed at cooking one of the meals because I don’t really know how to cook trout). Here it is: Monday: Fried trout Tuesday: French toast Wednesday: Lemon marinated chicken Thursday: Tortillas Friday: Chicken noodles Saturday: Frozen pizza Sunday: Chicken pasta I know that frozen pizza is kind of a fast food and not particularly healthy […]

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